There are 2 ways to get a new TPIN incase you forgot it or haven't received it yet

From IIFL (Easier)

Go to Sell Authorisation flow on IIFL, and click on Forgot CDSL PIN 


Go to CDSL website, enter your BO ID and PAN to generate a new one.

Please Note: You can only use a TPIN after 6 minutes once generated

Other FAQs

? What is BO ID and where do I find it?

The BO ID (Beneficiary Owner Identification number) is a 16-digit number used to identify your demat account. Go to Dashboard > My DP > DP profile and the DP id is your BO ID.

? How do I know what mobile/email is registered?

The registered email/mobile number is the same as what appears under DP Profile.

? I don't have access to this mobile/email anymore, what do I do?

You can edit the details of the mobile number or email address on your profile and then reset/regenerate the pin again to receive it.